Hi! I'm Pauline. You can call me Pau. My family calls me Kaye and my "bestestfriends" call me "Ling" :-| idk why but i find it so sweet. hihihi:">
I'm an ordinary girl who just turned into an ordinary lady. An epitome' of simplicity and calm. I work silently as I complete my day-to-day activities. One of my favorite routines is making myself busy (just like now! WTF! idk why again but I'm enjoying. WUDUHELLCARES? only him cares and that's why ilovehim:-*) hahaha:D Well, my physical appearance rates average to my interest, BTW:-) I'm Short(Booo). I'm Fat(Booo). I'm Fair in Complexion(Booo), but this would make me somehow radiate beautifully even (What did I just say? B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L:-| Pagbigyan!).
I just love the fact that God already has a perfect plan for how my life will go and I am extremely excited to see how things will turn out to be HAPPY AND SATISFIED:'>
I must just accept whatever may happen with a SENSE OF HUMOR:-*
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